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Our products and advise are combined with significant research and development into affects that different fertiliser blends have on various crops and soil types. This mean that when we bring a new product to the market you can be confident that its combined with results and a large amount of scientific data. We believe that the best way to build trust to deliver on what you promise, which is why we have invested millions into the development of specialised research laboratories and worked with significant growers to undertake years of scientific trials.

Lake Cullulleraine Trial

Our flagship trial program in the Mildura/Mallee region of Victoria being conducted at the Lake Cullulleraine Almond farm. We have partnered with LCA to conduct a trial program on a 55 hectare block of X year old Almond trees, which is beside the 124 hectare control block. The fertigation & foliar applied trial has been running since 2015, running a custom soil amendment and plant nutrition program based upon the full range of NESA products.

The objective for this trial was to see whether NESA could recover the health of some of the LCA crop and increase the yields of the trial block compared to the control.

As with all NESA programs, we recommend starting with our soil amendment product range first, as we find, and was the case here at LCA, there are already numerous nutrients locked in the soil that are unavailable to the plant. Unlocking these nutrients for plant uptake is vital in having healthy soils, and also reducing the cost of later fertigation inputs. The fertigation and foliar spray components of this program consists of custom blended products formulated particularly for this block.

We have been focused on surveying spur growth, along with monthly plant analysis to monitor nutrient content, and the solubilisation within soil solution. LCA has been able to innovate a system of separating the two blocks at their processing facility, accurately measuring the tonnage going through, the quality and grade of nut. Measuring annual yields over all three varieties, including Nonpareil and pollinator varieties to compare between the trial and control blocks.

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