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The Agronomy services provided by NESA is one of our key pillars in supporting our clients. Having the knowledge and science to support our customers with the ability to provide timely and accurate advice on plant nutrition and soil conditioning for the different growth stages of your crop. We have the expertise right throughout the production chain to the laboratory and agronomist to assist in improving your crop production.

Custom Fertiliser Blends

NESA’s speciality is in custom designing and blending a plant nutrition product specifically to your needs. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we have the ability to reduce handling dangerous goods and mixing solid fertilisers off the farm, and manipulating the correct chemical reactions to the exact specifications to
deliver a superior and efficient plant nutrition or soil amendment product.

Nutrition Analysis

We provide in house sample analysis, giving the Agronomy team and Farm Managers a quick turnaround in getting accurate information to enhance the decision-making process. From routine sampling to track you crop throughout its growth cycle, to analysing plant health issues. Timely sample analysis is key to making the better decisions in a timeframe that allows you to influence your crop in the best possible manner.

Research & Development

NESA strives to be an innovative producer of plant nutrition and soil amendment products, which means we’ve invested heavily in R&D, with an advanced laboratory and highly skilled scientists working to deliver a high quality and efficient product
that utilises the latest science and techniques to bring to market products that raise the efficiency of your fertiliser use , and bringing you a much healthier plant.

MEET Our Team

We pride ourselves on having a highly skilled and experienced team from Product Manufacturing to Agronomy. NESA founder and Managing Director John Moriconi has built around himself a highly educated and passionate team that has helped him build the company from humble beginnings to an advanced leader in the plant nutrition and soil amendment field. The kind of experience and support you can expect from us at NESA you won’t find anywhere else in the agriculture industry. The enthusiasm and passion we bring to serve our communities and helping you bring food to the table is second to none and one we’re all proud to be a part of.

John Moriconi

Managing Director


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Stefan Bekker

Soil Scientist & Agronomist

Craig Davison

Sales - VIC & SA



Alf Gullotta

Operations Manager

Mark Buffi

Production Manager

Alexander Moriconi

National Production Manager

ADmin & IT


Rachel Ghietti

Purchasing & Logistics

Vince Dimasi

Financial Controller

Gayle van Looy

Orders & Deliveries

Lucy Fotia

Accounts Payable & Admin Assistant



John Gracie

WHS & Compliance
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Our State Of The Art


We have state of the art facilities where we can manufacture products from scratch for a specific reason. NESA has the ability to custom blend very quickly because of our analytical laboratory. The laboratory allows us to do soil tests and leaf analysis in house and within a week we can have a whole new product shipped out the door to a particular grower custom blended for their particular needs.