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Our Philosophy

Nu-Edge Solutions Australia's goal is to form genuine partnerships with growers, suppliers and industry participants to deliver the best possible solutions to achieve correct balance for true soil and plant health. The result produces sustainable agriculture that is both healthy and profitable to the growers. Innovation in soil and plant technology requires commitment, investment and research into product development, nutritional testing and education. Nu-Edge Solutions Australia keeps these at the forefront of its direction. As both a developer and manufacturer of plant nutrition products, Nu-Edge Solutions Australia is in the position to respond directly to farmers requirements quickly and effectively, leading the way as a next generation Bio Fertiliser company.

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What we do


The Agronomy services provided by NESA is one of our key pillars in supporting our clients. Having the knowledge and science to support our customers with the ability to provide timely and accurate advice on plant nutrition and soil conditioning for the different growth stages of your crop. We have the expertise right throughout the production chain to the laboratory and agronomist to assist in improving your crop production.

Custom Fertiliser Blends

NESA’s speciality is in custom designing and blending a plant nutrition product specifically to your needs. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we have the ability to reduce handling dangerous goods and mixing solid fertilisers off the farm, and manipulating the correct chemical reactions to the exact specifications to
deliver a superior and efficient plant nutrition or soil amendment product.

Nutrition Analysis

We provide in house sample analysis, giving the Agronomy team and Farm Managers a quick turnaround in getting accurate information to enhance the decision-making process. From routine sampling to track you crop throughout its growth cycle, to analysing plant health issues. Timely sample analysis is key to making the better decisions in a timeframe that allows you to influence your crop in the best possible manner.

Research & Development

NESA strives to be an innovative producer of plant nutrition and soil amendment products, which means we’ve invested heavily in R&D, with an advanced laboratory and highly skilled scientists working to deliver a high quality and efficient product
that utilises the latest science and techniques to bring to market products that raise the efficiency of your fertiliser use , and bringing you a much healthier plant.


John Moriconi - Managing Director


Custom Soil Solutions Based On Science

What sets NESA apart from other suppliers in the marketplace is its philosophy of ‘Innovation through Partnership’. We strive to become a partner in your business, delivering the best possible solutions to enhance your farm and developing a strong relationship of support.

Custom blending a plant nutrition or soil amendment product specific to your needs is our core business, however we don’t just make products and deliver them to your door. Combining the other pillars of our business provides you with a wide support network of Agronomy, Analysis, Research & Development continues right throughout your season so that year on year were bring to you an accumulative effect.

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