Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Collection of leaf and soil samples
    Our team can collect fruit,leaf, petiole and soil samples which we send to an ASPAC accredited lab for analysis. The data is preented in an easy to read tabular/graph format.
  • Leaf & soil analyses interpretation
    Results are interpreted for your crop, its stage, system logistics and options are provided for your consideration
  • Crop nutrient planning and budgeting
    Our approach does vary with each crop but efficient and cost effective nutrient delivery are primary. With this in mind we develop a programmed approach to ensure your crops nutrient demand is met
  • System auditing & Crop Monitoring
    Our team does conduct professional and confidential reviews of fertiliser units where existing programs are reviewed in terms of nutrient units and leaf analysis resposnes if these records are available. The use of regular leaf analyses to fine tune a fertiliser plan is strongly recommended.
  • Product supply, storage and logistics
    We are able to supply your crops nutrient needs in a variety of formats and alo provide assistance and solutions to their safe, easy and efficient application
  • Grower Education
    We conduct regular seminars with world leading guest speakers to involve and grow the understanding of effective farming.
  • Custom Blending upon request ( Minimum volumes apply)
    With our laboroatory facilities we are able to trial blend specific mixtures to meet nutrient targets of existing fertiliser regimes. These blends may incude individual or multiple chelated trace elements as required.



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