Nu-CBFTM Range

Nu-CBFTM Range of liquid fertilisers supply soluble nutrients reacted with organic colloids. These organic groups of nutrients increase the natural soil fertility and biology improving the foundation for a successful cropping cycle.



In natural soil systems nutrients attach to organic colloids forming insoluble but plant available clusters. This ensures that nutrient concentrations in the soil solution are very low but well buffered. As plants absorb nutrients from the soil solution more are released maintaining supply.

Modern chemical fertilizers produce a rapid increase in the concentration of soluble nutrients in the soil solution. The spike in nutrients is poorly buffered, is damaging to soil biology and interferes with plant control of uptake. The natural nutrient-energy balance between the soil and plant is distorted and the plants ability to achieve its full potential is lost.

Nu-CBF (Colloidal Base Fertiliser) binds the nutrients to organic colloids before supplying them to the soil, increasing soil storage, increasing nutrient uptake efficiency and reducing the force feeding via soluble nutrients.


Typical analysis (w/v)

Nu-CBF™ Essentials5.00%1.80%0.50%3.10%0.60%------
Nu-CBF™ Promote8.00%4.50%5.00%1.50%0.50%--480ppm350ppm330ppm50ppm
Nu-CBF™ Initiate5.00%2.50%0.40%2.80%600ppm530ppm480ppm-0.10%790ppm-
Nu-CBF™ 4-4-64.00%4.00%6.00%2.40%-------
Nu-CBF™ 4-4-6 +0.1%ZN+1%SM64.9%2.00%0.50%3.5%0.1%
Nu-CBF™ Hi NS30%0.27%8%


Application rate

  • 50-250 L/ha or as advised by your consultant.
  • Boom spray or apply through fertigation. Products in this range can be blended to include seaweed, fulvic acid and trace elements as required.

Container size

  • 1000 litre
  • Bulk