Nu-TraceTM Range®

Nu-TraceTM Range of binary chelates have resulted from a deliberate, focused search for a product with very high plant bio-availability combined with high chemical stability. The high stability of the binary chelate is obtained because the nutrient ion is protected by  two distinctly different chelating agents.

The chelating agents used to produce the binary chelates are found naturally in plants and unlike EDTA, are completely “bio-available” and metabolically useful. Binary chelates are absorbed rapidly and have low toxicity. Take-up by the plant is complete within 1-2 days with visible improvements in the condition of the plants normally apparent with 7-10 days.


Typical analysis (w/v)

Nu-Trace™ Bud Boost
Combines concentrated chelated Mn & Zn to support the flowering response.
Nu-Trace™ Boron
Boron complexed with amino acids.
Nu-Trace™ Complete
Balanced multi-trace element blend.
4.70%0.70%3.30%1.10%1.10%0.20%0.16%395 ppm51 ppm
Nu-Trace™ Copper5.10%2.80%---3.70%---
Nu-Trace™ Iron6.00%3.00%-5.30%-----
Nu-Trace™ Manganese8.30%3.20%--5.20%----
Nu-Trace™ ZinCop3.50%0.70%5.10%--0.50%---
Nu-Trace™ Moly3.10%------1.00%-
Nu-Trace™ Zinc3.00%-6.40%------

Application rate

  • 1-5 L/ha for the entire Nu-Trace™ Range or as recommended by your consultant.

Container size

  • 20 litre
  • 200 litre
  • 1000 litre