Nu-Soil Trace Range®

The Nu-Soil Trace® Range has been formulated to provide high quality, high analysis liquid EDTA chelated trace elements for fertigation application. They allow mixing of usually incompatible elements to provide a broader spectrum of minerals delivered in a feed.  The EDTA chelation assists uptake from soils where elements may only be sparingly available and insufficient to meet crop demand.


Typical analysis (w/v)

Nu-Soil Trace™ Complete5.70%1.80%2.40%1.00%1.40%0.50%0.20%0.40%0.10%
Nu-Soil Trace™ Copper5.60%4.40%---5.80%--
Nu-Soil Trace™ Iron4.80%3.00%-5.30%----
Nu-Soil Trace™ Manganese5.00%2.90%--4.80%---
Nu-Soil Trace™ Mg ZIB1.50%3.00%1100 ppm1900 ppm2.10%--2000 ppm--
Nu-Soil Trace™ Moly3.60%-----10.00%-
Nu-Soil Trace™ Zinc7.10%-12.00%-----
Nu-Soil Trace™ ZinCop9.10%1.60%7.50%--2.10%--

Application rate

  • 5-20 L/ha for the entire Nu-Soil Trace™ Range or as recommended by your consultant.

Container size

  • 20 litre
  • 200 litre
  • 1000 litre