Nu-InjectaTM Range®

Nu-InjectaTM  Range of products are unique hot mix blends of NPK and trace elements manufactured from quality raw materials to produce a concentrated, true clear solutions of readily available nutrients for all crops. Designed to be applied at any developmental stage, giving farmers the flexibility and control to apply nutrients at planting, early growth, fruit fill and post-harvest through either irrigation or ground injection. The application flexibility will potentially improve productivity though more targeted timing and matching of nutrient supply to crop need especially when responding to weather related shortages.

Typical analysis (w/v)

Nu-Injecta™ 7-7-15+TE7.00%7.00%15.00%1.20%--0.60%--0.10%---800ppm
Nu-Injecta™ 7-7-15+Fe+Zn7.60%7.40%15.00%1.70%--0.60%----0.30%--
Nu-Injecta™ ATS16.00%--34.00%----------
Nu-Injecta™ AmPhos11.00%16.00%------------
Nu-Injecta™ Black N28.50%-0.20%-----------
Nu-Injecta™ Cal Carb1.00%---6.20%---------
Nu-Injecta™ Cal Nit12.00%---18.00%---------
Nu-Injecta™ Cal Nit+Fulvic+Boron10.50%---15.00%----3570 ppm----
Nu-Injecta™ Tableland Ratooner17.50%3.00%10.00%2.00%----------
Nu-Injecta K251.00%2.00%25.00%8.20%----------
Nu Injecta KTS30.00%25.00%----------
Nu-Injecta™KS 34--34.00%8.40%----------
Nu-Injecta™ KP-14.00%29.00%-----------
Nu-Injecta™ KSil--10.70%------12.10%---
Nu-Injecta™ Mag N8.50%----7.50%--------
Nu-Injecta™ PhosCal NK4.20%14.30%3.50%-4.30%---------
Nu-Injecta™ Phos K + Zn2.00%22.00%7.70%---2.00%-------
Nu-Injecta Root Boost Complete11.70%7.70%10.20%0.10%--0.40%870ppm480ppm--0.20%102ppm510ppm
Nu-Injecta™ StarterPlex10.10%13.00%13.00%-----------
Nu-Injecta™ UAN42.00%-------------
Nu-Injecta™ VineGro6.00%6.00%8.00%-----------
Nu-Injecta™ Hi NS30.1%8.3%
Nu-Injecta™ Jump Start11.5%7.8%0.1%0.9%0.4%

Application rate

  • Method and rate of application varies within the Nu-Injecta™ Range. Please discuss your specific needs with one of our consultants.

Container size

  • 20 litre
  • 200 litre
  • 1000 litre
  • Bulk