Nu-Flow Range®

The Nu-Flow Range® makes light work of providing essential nutrients to plants for rapid absorption using fertigation or ground spray. The products in this effective range provide high analysis combinations of key nutrients in an easy to use liquid suspension.


Typical Anlysis (w/v)

Nu-Flow® AvoReady10.00%4.00%20.00%3.80%0.80%--0.42%-
Nu-Flow® AvoFill12.00%1.40%22.00%8.40%0.64%0.50%-0.42%-
Nu-Flow® Cal 36----36.00%1.00%---
Nu-Flow® Cal 36+B----36.00%1.00%-0.25%-
Nu-Flow® Complete10.00%4.00%20.00%3.80%0.80%--0.26%-
Nu-Flow® Growth P10.00%1.20%25.00%7.00%0.60%--0.26%6.00%
Nu-Flow® Gyp---15.00%19.00%----
Nu-Flow® Gyp+B---15.00%19.00%--0.25%-
Nu-Flow® Hi K 36-0.20%36.00%15.00%0.40%----
Nu-Flow® Hi KN6.00%-36.00%8.10%--0.80%--
Nu-Flow® Plant11.50%3.00%15.00%2.60%0.60%0.40%-0.26%-

Application rate

  • Horticulture:  25-100 L/ha at pre-plant.
  • Tree crops/Bananas:  25-100 litres per hectare weekly or as recommended by your consultant.

Container size

  • 1000 litre
  • Bulk