The Nu-Flow Range® makes light work of providing essential nutrients to plants for rapid absorption using fertigation or ground spray.

The Nu-CBF™ Range of liquid fertilisers supply soluble nutrients reacted with organic colloids. These organic groups of nutrients increase the natural soil fertility and biology improving the foundation for a successful cropping cycle.

The Nu-Soil Trace™™ Range has been formulated to provide high quality, high analysis liquid EDTA chelated trace elements for fertigation application.

Nu-Injecta™ Range of products are unique hot mix blends of NPK and trace elements manufactured from quality raw materials to produce a concentrated, true clear solutions of readily available nutrients for all crops.

Nu-Trace™ Range of binary chelates have resulted from a deliberate, focused search for a product with very high plant bio-availability combined with high chemical stability.

The Nu-Intri Range® delivers macro and micronutrients for foliar application. This delivery includes the use of plant sugar alcohol complexes in combination with amino acids, humectants and organic chelating agents.

Photon 500 SG
Flower 'n' Fruit Maker

Nu-FKF (Fish, Kelp, Fulvic)
Nu Organi-Gro Complete

Nu-HE Microbes



FulvAc - liquid fulvic acid

HumAc - liquid humic acid

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