Our philosophy

The philosophy of Nu-Edge Solutions Australia is to form genuine partnerships with growers, suppliers and industry participants to deliver the best possible solutions to achieve correct balance for true soil and plant health. The result produces sustainable agriculture that is both healthy and profitable to the growers.

Innovation in soil and plant technology requires commitment, investment and research into product development, nutritional testing and education. Nu-Edge Solutions Australia keeps these at the forefront of its direction. Positioned in North Queensland we supply grower support Australia wide with direct 1 on 1 consultations possible between Cooktown and Bowen. If you are further afield please contact us for phone support on your situation. As both a developer and manufacturer of plant nutrition products, Nu-Edge Solutions Australia is in the position to respond directly to farmers’ requirements quickly and effectively, leading the way as a next generation Bio Fertiliser company.

Genuine soil health embraces three components; chemical, physical and biological which are absolutely, totally interconnected. When all three components are in correct balance true soil health is achieved.



  • Soil organic matter
  • Extractable NPK
  • Major Elements
  • Trace Elements
  • pH & EC
  • Ratios of K, Ca and Mg


  • Aggregate stability
  • Depth of topsoil, subsoil
  • Root system volume
  • Infiltration rate
  • Bulk density/compaction
  • Air and water filled porosity


  • Microbial biomass C&N
  • Potential nitrogen creation
  • Soil respiration
  • Enzyme activity
  • Bacterial/Fungal biomass
  • Bacterial/Fungal ratio
  • Earthworm activity
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